The past 6 months of my life has been a blur of amazing people, travel, and school. GoPro invited 60 athletes from all sports to attend a 3 day summit racing cars around Sonoma Raceway in California this past June. The overall respect and appreciation from all athletes in attendance was apparent from everyone and it was a true honor to be included in such a historic event.

Unfortunatley this gum drop wonderland landed right in the middle of my finals week at UCSC so I was forced to take one of my finals early and drive back to Santa Cruz at 4am the last day of the summit to make an 8am final. I only mention this because there are few things in the world that I would rearrange a stressful finals week for but the opportunity to get to know GoPro’s extensive team was an experience like no other and worth missing pretty much anything.

Huge shout out to GoPro for the amazing experience and already fired up for the 2013 Athlete Summit! Props to Matt Baker for being the most ballin race partner ever and Reno Makani ( for collaborating footage.

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